My friend MaryAnne over at the fabulous blog Forever 51  recently wrote about having “The Talk” with her aging parents. Not the one about ..uh …… hanky panky …. but the one about finances. (worse)  That got me to thinking.  My daughter is coming for a visit next week and before she gets here I need […]

 Since receiving our pink slip from T.H., I decided it was best to move Playboy and Blitz over to my temporary home while we wait for our severance pay.  The neighbor’s ranch where I’m living has a nice barn and stalls. I hauled some hay and got them settled. (sort of) I was all singing […]

  Last fall, in preparation for the Big Red Neck Renovation I packed up and got rid of dozens of boxes of clothes, and stuff.  Even if I do lose weight I don’t like most of it anyway.   I moved over here to the cabin and set up house with a few of my […]

  I need to get this huge elephant out of the room, or more specifically out of my blog.  It’s so big and heavy that it’s blocking my creative flow.  A blog is much like reality TV. You have to be real or pretty soon you really won’t be here at all.     Definition: […]

Yesterday morning I dropped my expensive age-fighting face cream in the bathroom. I estimated that about $20 of it plopped out on the floor.  So I ran to the kitchen to get a spatula which I don’t have because I’m living like a gypsy right now. My next choice was a tablespoon. I got down […]

There is a thing in the Blogging community called “Wordless Wednesday”.  The idea is that all bloggers post a picture with no explanation to their blogs every Wednesday.  I think it should be called “Lazy Bloggers Wednesday”. Anyway, I digress …. I am now announcing “Speechless Tuesday”. “Speechless Tuesday!” “Speechless Tuesday” is for pictures of […]

When I started my blog 2 years ago I knew nothing about how it all works out there in cyberspace. I just knew it was fun. When my webmaster asked me to give him the Search Engine Optimization (“S.E.O.” for all us Tech-Divas)  words I wanted to use, I said ” Uh…..  I’ll get back […]

Gets me. * * * Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Really?  Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Gets me to the 3rd […]

 Last Labor Day weekend I was traveling to Stillwater, Oklahoma  with two horses in 100 degree heat.I thought it was a good time to go practice with my Ranch Sorting Coach. (Who does that?)  I was 15 miles west of I-35 on a deserted Kansas Hwy when “BAM”, I had a blowout on my trailer. […]

When I married T.H. I wasn’t young. I knew the difference between fantasy and reality. But I did not want to believe …… …… the truth. The truth became increasingly apparent when T.H. started renovating the house. The truth cannot be denied when it is in living color. And immortalized on the internet. I moved […]