I have a treasure chest in a Justin Boot Box. Last year I bought a whole box full of vintage quilt blocks for about $40. This is only about 1/10th of what’s in there. I would never tackle a project like these blocks even with modern fabrics.  It’s much too tedious for me. But there […]

 I’m back in the studio and does it ever feel good! I took an unintended hiatus because of marvelous Spring weather, lots of riding, playing with dogs and fish and being T.H.’s hired man.  The heat has finally driven me (willingly) up to my studio for my summer schedule. This was a little “warm-up”  project.  The […]

   I posted about this quilt a few months ago.  At the time I thought it was the ugliest quilt ever made. As it turns out, it is the most favorite one I’ve ever made. I went on an Artist’s Retreat to Santa Fe in November, having just finished the top. I showed the blog […]

  I picked up this fabric somewhere.  I have so much in my stash now that I forget. I’m pretty sure that I bought it at a little boutique fabric store in Salt Lake City.  A few fat quarters and some remnants. At first I thought I would cut up some random pieces and mix […]

I have been practicing with my new Free Motion Quilting Foot. I take one fat quarter ( 18″X22″) and make a quilt sandwich and just go for it.  I was just messing around but when I filled up the whole square, I thought ” This is almost the size of a pillow” Why not make […]

I bought these two fat quarters in Salt Lake City last summer. Anything with a Paint Horse on it is instantly mine. I’m just glad this time it was only $6.00 worth of fabric. It was speaking to me……  “Pillow Time” A nice little afternoon project on Thanksgiving weekend. “OK guys, I’m going upstairs to […]

I was going to call this post “The Ugliest Quilt Ever”. But that’s really not fair, nor is it true.  These vintage quilt blocks came in a boot box full of treasures I bought from a custom quilt shop.I laid them out in my studio and stared at them for  weeks.  I think these fabrics […]

I had 32 blocks left from the Crazy Quilt of my last post. I wanted this one to be larger and different. I chose to use some black “sashing” to accentuate the blocks. “Sashing” is basically cutting 3″ strips of black fabric scraps and framing the blocks like window panes. It’s a fun and mindless […]

  Creative Everyday Challenge  Art Everyday Month I feel like a cheater.  I bought these wild quilt blocks from my custom quilter. She bought them from her mother, who bought them from a craft sale. I did not pay $20 for them. It was more like $10. I would never have the patience to put […]

 This is my first official post from my new website that went live yesterday. I am determined to publish this post today. I think I could have made this quilt …… twice ….. with the time it has taken me to post this. I may have even cried once and yelled at the dog. The […]