Almost everyday I go out to catch up Paint and Pardner bring them in. They are out in the wheat pasture south of the house. Even if I don’t ride I like to tie them up for awhile and mess with them. It teaches them patience and keeps Paint from eating 24 hours a day. He is […]

I call for the cattle. They turn three into the arena. Puncher locks on the cattle. For me that is the rush.  I send her “Away”.  She stops when she gets to them and looks back at me. Probably waiting for my neurotic evil twin to shout something confusing.  I have silenced her. I “woosh” her […]

Today is Friday (I know it says Tuesday up above. Pretend it’s still last Friday) Tomorrow is Saturday, the first Cowdog Trial of the year. I have practiced Puncher so many times the last few weeks that I think I made her neurotic.  She would just look at me like “What on earth do you want me to do? Woman make up your […]

The part of America where we live is called “The Heartland” Rightfully so.  Days like this tell me why it’s The Heartland because I feel it in my heart.    TH and I took a drive up north to check on the steers we sent to the feedlot in November. Just some snapshots I took. Crystal blue clear skies are a […]

This is a very philosophical topic. Too much or not enough?  It is right up there with “Is the glass half-full or half-empty?”  I think a person is one or the other.  No matter how hard I try I seem to remain a half-empty person while T.H. is a half-full person.  You would think this […]

T.H. (Trophy Husband) went to Colorado on business for two days so I guess that left me in charge. That means I’m the boss of me. So being the boss of me, I decided to give myself a day off. Not really. The only thing he asked me to do while he was gone was to […]

. This is usually about the time I tell Tip  “Sorry buddy, you can’t go today”. But not this day. We were moving our steers home to ship the next day. Puncher was still laid up, and it was a short gather and drive down the highway from the neighbors ranch. The weather was cool. Just perfect for […]

Some of our steers fell in love with the neighbors cows.   Before we could ship the steers we needed to go get them. Trophy Husband (T.H.) sucked the cows into the corner of the adjoining pasture with the pickup and round bale attached. I brought up the stragglers on Paint. This time of year there are not many stragglers.  That round bale with the horn honking is a […]

I wonder what Ol’ Paint was thinking here?  What was I thinking?  My evil twin was laughing hysterically (in her head of course).  Part of the reason for my amusement was that this has happened to me last summer, in the exact same spot on my brand new shiney red 4wheeler. However, I did not have such an easily, […]

I stole this title from a book I used to read to my daughter when she was little. Dr. Seuss, I think. Shipping cows and calves reminds me of the story. Everybody is looking for their mother. October is time to get the cattle off of the grass. It’s our Fall Roundup.  On shipping day we gather them horseback into these pens. Then we separate the cows from […]