This is usually about the time I tell Tip
 “Sorry buddy, you can’t go today”. But not this day.

We were moving our steers home to ship the next day. Puncher was still laid up, and it was a short gather and drive down the highway from the neighbors ranch. The weather was cool. Just perfect for Tip.
 Ol’ Tip got real happy, real fast.

He’s 12 years old this Christmas, born in my house in Big Piney, Wyoming.  He’s been behind thousands of cattle and travelled hundreds of miles in the mountains and down highways.
  Always right by my side.

This little jaunt today is just right for him.

He is just so happy to be here. 

Mostly now he doesn’t get to go because he’s old, a little arthritic, he can’t keep up, he’s a little chubby and easily overheated.  Wait a minute,  I think I just performed an accurate self-appraisal.

Happy, happy, happy.

Happy and a little hot.

Happy cowgirl. And a little hot (always)

It actually looks like he is thinking about biting that steer.
Or just remembering his glory days.

I am really happy because this time I am absolutely 100% positively sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that….
my dog and I did NOT cause this train wreck. 
 That’s TH (Trophy Husband) out there who bailed out of the truck ahead of the steers and hurdled the fence like a track star just as I heard that familiar screech of barbed wire about to bust.  The steers we spent 2 hours separating from the neighbors cows almost re-joined them. (well a few did and I could hear TH sharing his remarks from here)

Good dog Tip. Doing nothing and choosing to just be happy in the moment has its rewards.
Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka    Terah
P.S.  and Tippy too. The definition of “jaunt”.  A short journey for pleasure.


  1. pluckychickenheart says

    Ok! Now I am so glad I read this. Your posts always make me feel happy Terah in a really essential way. Thank you.

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